The Role of AEDs in Saving Lives

Let’s take a deep dive into the role of AEDs in saving lives. In the US alone there are over 350,000 cases of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest yearly. So, you never know when you’ll be faced with a critical situation where a person collapses. In events like this, an emergency response is essential, as a…


What Is the Average Cost of CPR Certification Classes in Houston?

There are many prices for a CPR class but what is the average cost of CPR certification Classes in Houston? The costs of CPR classes vary largely by region and are predetermined by your health organization of choice. Fortunately, those that reside in Houston have numerous options at their disposal and may enjoy convenience when…


In-person Vs. Online CPR Certification: Which One to Choose?

There is always the debate of In-person Vs. Online CPR certification classes, and we’ll break down both sides. Digital learning platforms accelerated in popularity starting in early 2020, and by 2027, it is projected that the number of users of such platforms will reach 920.8M. Undoubtedly, online learning has picked up speed, and many don’t…